Villa Pascolo


    The Country House in the heart of Umbria


    Large private garden with swimming pool and play area


    Traditional, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes


    The ideal location for your ceremony


Villa Pascolo offers since 1998 a series of unforgettable experiences, discovering aromas and flavors typical of the picturesque Umbrian hills. “Receive a guest means be responsible for the serenity of this person during the hours that he passed under our roof”. Antonella, Paola, Norberto, Valentina, Manuela and all the staff are waiting for you!

In the heart of Umbria

Thanks to the central position of Villa Pascolo, you can enjoy – within the easy reach of just a few kilometres – sports and activities like: horsemanship, tennis, ball playinig, beach-volley, as well as the emotions of the free, open air-flying with “Hang-gliding” and “Paragliding”. If you love the mountain, the Massif of Monte Cucco with its magnificent natural grottoes offer you a variety of activities: from guided visits to the grottoes, to climbing and to mountain walking. To this end, the recent organization and mapping of the local sentry routes allow the mountain lovers to fully enjoy this heartbreaking, unblemished landscape….. and its rich variety of natural beauty.


Your ideal solution: B&B, half board, full board

Country style rooms

An ancient Residence of local Landlords which has been recently remodeled to meet our Clients' requirements and comfort, and yet it retains all the glamor of the good old Country life, with everything, all around, that makes you live. The spell of the ancient life.


In the restaurant of Villa Pascolo, you can taste homemade pasta, "torra al testo" (focaccia), meats, cheeses and truffles. Gluten-free and vegetarian menus are also available.

Between Umbria and Marche

Located as it is in the close proximity of Monte Cucco, in a vast Park area of secular trees and a sound, unblemished landscape, in this Oasis of Peace and Relax, you can really live up. All the warmth, and all the feelings. of the original inhabitants of this Region. Its position in the very heart of the Regional Park of Monte Cucco, near the border between Umbria and Marche